Alexander Shvartsman winner 2017

The great winner of HHW 2017 is Alexander Shvartsman. The Russian Internation Grand Master is been a member of SNA for several years. In his speach at the closing ceremony he congratulated SNA with the tournament. He was glad to have been a member of one of the best draughts clubs in The Netherlands. There is a friendly and ambitieus atmosphere he likes. He made a lot of friends during the last years and hopes to come back in HHW Open 2018.

Hein Meijer played also a very good tournament. With the second place just one point after Shvartsman he was very satisfied. He was very amused by the guiet envirement this year and the professional organisation.

Best player of SNA was Ivo de Jong. With the same amount of game points he ended just after Artem Ivanov.

After a beautiful week with lovely sports every one went home. The organisation was very satisfied and hopes to see every one back on the tournament of HHW OPEN 2018.

Newspaper 24-07

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Shvartsman and Meijer are leading after round 3

After Round 3 Shvartsman en Meijer are leading.

The tourmanent of this year is less big but not less exciting then before. Off course Alexander Shvartsman is favorite fot the titel but the other players will not give hin that for free. In a game of more than 5 hours he won of Alexander Verkovykh. Hein Meijer also had to go very deeply to get the 2 points against Vaclav Krista. These two have now 1 point more than Vitalia Doumesh, Thomy Mbongo and Artem Ivanov. Tomorrow it will be "bijltjesdag". The draught players have to play two rounds in one day. Between the two rouds there will be a Dutch pancake party. That will be fun.  Yesterday evening there was the Blitz tournement. The winners were: Svartsman in group 1, Mensinga in group 2 and Mr. Farcy in group 3. The greatest winner was the sportmanship.


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